Monday, 28 April 2014

Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Hey there guys,

So today i went and visted the local bakery and it smelt amazing like a bakery does. We purchased a loaf of bread and a apple pie. The apple pie is the best apple pie in my opinion.
When i got home i warmed it up and had it with some clotted cream ice. It was heaven.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Meal out in Redbourn

Hey there guys,

So today I went to a nice little restaurant in Redbourn with some friends from my dads uni . It was called The Cricketers. To start of with I had a lovely tomato soup with some rustic bread and croutons and cream , I must say the soup was amazing :). Then I had beer battered fish and chips because im a fussy eater.. It was very nice the chips where chunky.. I must say I prefer thinner chips or very chunky chips. For the pudding I just had plain vanilla ice cream. It was nice ice cream. For the drink with the meal we had two bottles of Rosé wine which was amazing. 

This was the bottle of wine that we had 

This was my tomato soup with rustic bread 

This was my main .. It looks a bit empty because i was very hungry .. Oops 
This was my plain vanilla ice-cream 

Thanks for reading 


Friday, 4 April 2014

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My First Blog

Hey there guys,

This is my first ever blog so be easy on me :)
I am going to be writing about restaurants i have been to and what i think to them.
So i hope you will enjoy reading 
Till next time 

Bye ☺️